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Tropical Cocktails @ Da Kine Island Grill

Tropical tiki craft cocktails are uniquely specialized and sparsed. Da Kine Island Grill brings you traditional tropical drinks of the Carribean Islands featuring a vast array of historic concoctions, classic libations of Prohibition-era Havana, and famous exotic cocktails from legendary tiki bars – all under one island-style roof.

All of our craft cocktails, past, present and future, are mixed with some of the best worldly premium spirits and liqueurs using homemade ingredients and fresh juices squeezed daily. We make our own simple syrups, sauces, falernums and orgeats. Taste the difference and experience island hospitality @ Da Kine Island Grill.

Legendary Cocktails


the god-father of tiki drinks

Created by Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, AKA: Don the Beachcomber at his bar in Hollywood, CA.

4 premium rums create this tiki delight: 2 Caribbean rums layered with our in-house love juice, then floated with Hanna Bay 151 and Maui Dark rum. A must have drink for tiki fanatics. Limit 2 per person.


our version of a crafted Mai Tai in a fresh pineapple

Our modern twist on the classics that everyone loves with 3 different kinds of rum (Mount Gay, Rhum Barbancourt, and Hanna Bay overproof rum) crafted with fresh juices served in a fresh pineapple.



supposedly created in 1944 after the QB Cooler

We recreated the fabled Mai Tai of our loved neighbor Trader Vic's using Appleton Jamaican rum and Clement rum just as he did in 1944 to create the authentic Trader Vic's Mai Tai.



supposedly created in 1937 by Don the Beachcomber

Named the Original Mai Tai by Don the Beachcomber, this legendary concoction was supposedly created at the Waikiki Restaurant in Hollywood, CA in 1937. It boasts Ron Matusalem Cuban rum, Myers' Plantation, Cointreau, with our fresh squeezed lime, grapefruit, and house-made falernum.


Q.B. COOLER - 1933

supposedly created by Don the Beachcomber around 1933

Travel back in time. This is the predecessor to the classic Mai Tais crafted with Cruzan, Appleton, and Hanna Bay 151 overproof rums created by Don the Beachcomber around the 1933 timeframe.



getting caught in the rain has never been so much fun

If you like Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain, you’re gunna love it even more in a fresh pineapple. Crafted with Ron Matusalem Cuban rum, Blue Chair spiced coconut rum, and the aloha juice, falling in love has never felt so good. Wait in high hopes no more. Love is here.



a smooth and refreshing mojito

Mojito like you've never seen before. Take that walk on the beach of Waikiki and enjoy Bacardi Pineapple Fusion, fresh lime, and coconut water.



a beautiful and tasty drink created in 1962

Scratch that thirsty itch with this traditional tiki craft cocktail. Mango takes center state with premium Cruzan rum and gin in a glass crafted with our house infused cinnamon simple, cinnamon stick and mint.



a beautiful concoction created in 1970

Crafted with Cruzan rum, Dorda chocolate and 99 Banana liqueurs. A splash of fresh pineapple juice makes this sweet martini a beautiful drink for the beautiful people, all with aloha-style.



a uniquely mixture of RumChata with Fireball

The perfect combination of Rumchata and Fireball makes this sweet and spicy cocktail a delectable sipping treat. Try one!



an island-style guava daquiri

One of the most elegant and famous of all Cuban cocktails. Exotically crafted with 99 Banana, Cruzan rum, fresh lime and guava. Combined, it's a must have drink.



a tropical hybrid love

Set sail to the Pacific Islands with a bright citrus martini reminiscent of a beautiful island sunset with homemade grenadine and orgeat combined with Green Mark vodka to paint this beautiful sunset in DT San Jose.



a lilikoi martini with a tropical breeze

A delightfully smooth tropical lilikoi martini. Crafted with vanilla vodka, peach brandy, honey simple syrup, fresh lime, and lilikoi topped with flamed lemon peel. Our signature exotic tropical craft cocktail.



a temptation that will bring you to your knees

Our signature version of a long island iced tea with Green Mark vodka, New Amsterdam gin, Cruzan rum, sweet and sour, coke, and Hawaiian Islands ice tea. She's one shot temptation, two shots ecstacy. She's the Long, Long Island Iced Tea. She goes down easy, brings me to my knees. She's my Long, Long Island Iced Tea.



an Elvis Presley fav since 1950

While the moon is on the sea, the night is young. And so are we. Dreams come true with Cruzan rum, Green Mark vodka, fresh pineapple juice and blue caracao. The night is heavenly in Blue Hawaii.



opposite attracts in this tropical concoction

When the moon hung soft and low, catching stardust in the light. Two young hearts filled wtih fire lost in Ron Matusalem Cuban rum, Blue Chair spiced coconut rum, and strawberries. It’s the tender years.



search for your lost shaker of salt

Strummin’ the 6-string on the front porch swing. It’s a real beauty, a Mexican cutie with El Jimador tequila, mango, triple sec, and sweet ‘n sour. Wasted away again in Margaritaville.


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